Plant a river

12-18 years



10 + sessions


Teacher's guide



SDG 6, 13

Water is and always will be a basic necessity for life and development. Whether directly or indirectly, human activities alter the quality and availability of water. We must see this not only in a negative way, but also as an opportunity to have a beneficial impact on the environment.

This project invites students and the community on a journey involving real actions to improve water management, starting with awareness and collaboration and using science as a guide when analysing and making decisions.

Author: Andrés Izquierdo García

Degree in Physical Activity Sciences. Master’s in New Information and Communication Technologies in Education and Training. Researcher at the Autonomous University of Madrid. Coordinator of the Stars Project at Isabel la Católica secondary school. Member of the board of the NGO Peace and Cooperation. He has spent years working on generating initiatives to promote health in education and society.



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